D2 series

DLP 3D printer for dental

D2 Series is an excellent equipment for production of dental parts
made from certified bio-compatible photopolymer resins.
This is the best Digital Dentistry partner for a variety of
applications including dental prosthetics and orthodontics.

SLA series

SLA 3D printer

Equipped with high performance of solid-state laser and
galvanometer scanner for production in master patterns,
concept models, general parts and functional prototypes
in the field of common industrial, automotive, medical and
consumer electronics industries. Up to 10 times faster printing
speed than other 3D printing technologies in a same build area.

ULTRA series

DLP 3D printer for industry

The combination of high-resolution projector (Full HD)
and low shrinkage resin allows the elaborate shape printing.
The perfect hardware design and mechanical structure
result in high printing success rate.
Print a large number of sophisticated parts in a short period of time.

Jewelry series

DLP 3D printer for Jewelry

Protect your creative designs from data leakage and increase
your design competitiveness with the sophisticated Jewelry series printer.
Using a wax-like resin with low ash rate in the casting process,
giving you a perfect prototype. Prototypes fabrication and
casting can be done in a day, you make it easy and simple.

Veltz3D 3D Printing Center

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good services and quality innovation.

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