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A different class of 3D printing that you can experience at Veltz.

Through the perfect combination of the experience of the best doctors and technicians and Veltz Engineering, High-quality prostheses can be manufactured.

산업용 3D 프린터

FULL HD / The first HD 2.7K in Korea /High-resolution UV optical engine.

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덴탈용 3D 프린터

Dental Laboratory Solution.

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주얼리 3D 프린터

Digital Light Processing. High-resolution UV optical engine.

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3D Printing


3D 프린터만큼이나 재료의 선택도 중요합니다. 높은 충격강도와 미려한 외관을 만드는데 용이한 재료로써 현재 FDM방식에서 많이 사용되고 있습니다.

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