3D printing Service equipment

Introduction of 3D printing service equipment


DLP 3D printer

Optimized for detailed and precise product with additive manufacturing using a DLP projector.
With excellent surface roughness of parts, it is used dominantly in the fields of
small industrial goods, jewelry, dental and figurine and etc.

01D2 -120, 150

DLP 3D printer for dental

Qualified accuracy and reproducibility

D2 Series is an excellent equipment for production of dental parts made from a variety of certified bio-compatible photopolymer resins.
Designed with 7inch touch panel for simple operation. And the automatic temperature sensor ensures a stability and long life time of UV light power.

  • 01

    Wide open door system

  • 02

    Highly accurate and reliable actuator

  • 03

    Ergonomic interface design

  • 04

    Uniformized aspherical Optic engine

  • 05

    Replaceable tray storage space

  • The most advanced optical engine

    • Full HD UV(1920X1080)
    • Selectable engines 405, 385, 365nm
    • Fine-adjustable light power function applied
    • Exclusive developed engine by partnership of the world’s largest optical group
  • High precision mechanical system

    • High reliable Z Axis Actuator applied
    • Deviation measurement and compensation algorithm applied
    • Adjustable printing speed (3 steps)
    • Whole lot inspection and calibration test by 0.001mm grade laser measurement equipment
  • Control system

    • Self-developed control board applied(differentiation with general commercial board)
    • All in one from R&D to manufacturing in Hephzibah
    • Dual embedded system ensures perfect stability due to the complete separation of driving and optical part.
Model D2-120 D2-150 D2-120/150X
Build size 120(W) X 67.5(D) X 100(H) [mm] 150(W) X 84.3(D) X 100(H) [mm] Output size selectable
XY resolution 62.5 ㎛ 78.1 ㎛
Wavelength 405 nm UV 365/385 nm UV
Layer thickness 25 ~ 100 ㎛
Printing speed Up to 25mm/h, Z-axis @ 50um layer thickness
Power 100 ~ 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz /Approx. 150W
Dimensions / Weight 320(W) X 420(D) X 870(H) mm / Approx. 35kg

01U 150,125,100,80,50, X

DLP 3D printer for industry

World-wide certified Industrial 3D printer

Create your own competitive edge with a high-resolution, high-precision 3D printer from the full HD UV LED projector engine from the world's leading optical technology companies.

  • 01

    printing parts

  • 02

    printing quality

  • 03


  • 04

    Time and cost

  • 05

    Optimized for small precision components

  • Detailed printing parts

    The combination of high-resolution projector and low shrinkage resin allows the detailed printing parts.

  • Stable printing quality

    High printing success rates with reliable hardware design of different materials and models.

  • Various environments

    It is a perfect combination of hardware and software that has been verified in European, Asian and American sectors.

  • Strengthen time and cost competitiveness

    You can save time and cost by arranging multiple printing at a time.

Model U 150 U 125 U 100 U 80 U 50 Ultra X
Build size 150X84.4X120mm 125X70X120mm 80X45X120mm 57X32X120mm 57X32X120mm Output size
XY resolution 78 ㎛ 65 ㎛ 53 ㎛ 41.5 ㎛ 30 ㎛
Wavelength 405 nm UV 365/385nm UV
Layer thickness 5~200 ㎛
Interface Ethernet Connection USB(Off/line Printing)
Input file SLC, PNG, ZIP, CWS, MII
Power 100 ~ 240 VAC 50Hz/60Hz 2A
Dimensions / Weight 430(W) X 430(D) X 590(H) mm / 36.5kg

01J - 125, 80

DLP 3D printer for jewelry

Easily create supporters by using Rhino Plug-in Miistick

Easy supporter creation by using Rhino Plug-in Miistick which creates supporter semi-automatically, provides the accurate size of product. (less than 1%).

  • 01

    Fast and sophisticated printing parts

  • 02

    All in one at Rhino3D

  • 03

    Fast operation speed and reduced workflow

  • 04

    Sophisticated quality and unique design

  • Fast and sophisticated printing parts

    Fast and sophisticated printer optimized for precision models and small part design.

  • All in one at Rhino3D

    All processes can be worked on in the Rhino3D at once without the need for a separate program.

  • Fast operation speed and reduced workflow

    Print the prototype and cast it right away on the day. You can create new products in one day.

  • Sophisticated quality and unique design

    Protect your CAD design data from leaks, increasing your design competitiveness.

Model J-125 J-80
Build Size 65 ㎛ 41.5 ㎛
XY Resolution 5~200 ㎛
Layer thickness 405 ㎛ UV LED
Wavelength Ethernet Connection USB(Off/line Printing)
Interface SLC, PNG, ZIP, CWS, MII
Dimensions / Weight 430(W) X 430(D) X 590(H) mm / 36.5kg
Power 100 ~ 240 VAC 50Hz/60Hz 2A