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Printing materials

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We offer different materials like ABS-like, Nylon(Polyamide). Transparent, and Cast(Wax).

    Nylon(Polyamide) - MJF

    Developed by HP, MultiJet Fusion ensures best output quality with high density and excellent elasticity compared to other methods.
    It can print the production parts faster than other technology without mold development.

    ABS-Like - SLA

    This material is most widely used in the industry due to very high surface quality, detailed parts and due to easy post-processing.
    It is a photopolymer resin that has a similar feature as ABS material.
    This material is fabricated industrial SLA 3D printers.

    ABS-Like - POLYJET

    Smooth, delicate and detailed prototypes that are close to final products, it can be used as industrial prototypes and even biocompatible materials for medical or dental models.

    ABS-Like – FFF(ME)

    One of the 5 most universal plastics used in household appliances, it is easy to make the product with high impact strength and beautiful appearance and is widely used in FFF technology.

    Transparent - SLA, DLP

    With a transparent feature, it can be used in mechanical part like microchannels or microfluidic part and surgical guide in dental field with bio compatible material.

    Cast(Wax) - DLP

    Using a photopolymer material, similar to Wax for original casting, it is able to directly cast as same as conventional Wax process.
    This technology can be used in jewelry production or dental prosthesis.