Jewelry Series

Introduction of Veltz3D product.

Jewelry Series

DLP 3D printer for Jewelry

Protect your creative designs from data leakage and increase your design
competitiveness with the sophisticated Jewelry series printer.
Using a wax-like resin with low ash rate in the casting process,
giving you a perfect prototype. Prototypes fabrication and
casting can be done in a day, you make it easy and simple.

MODEL : J125/ J80

Features of Jewelry Series

  • 01.Fast and sophisticated printing parts

    Fast and sophisticated printer optimized for precision models and small part design.

  • 02. All in one at Rhino3D

    All processes can be worked on in the Rhino3D at once without the need for a separate program.

  • 03. Fast operation speed and reduced workflow

    Print the prototype and cast it right away on the day. You can create new products in one day.

  • 04.Sophisticated quality and unique design

    Protect your CAD design data from leaks, increasing your design competitiveness.

Printing parts

J-125 & J-80 Specifications

Model J-125 J-80
Build Size 65 ㎛ 41.5 ㎛
XY Resolution 5~200 ㎛
Layer thickness 405 ㎛ UV LED
Wavelength Ethernet Connection USB(Off/line Printing)
Interface SLC, PNG, ZIP, CWS, MII
Dimensions / Weight 430(W) X 430(D) X 590(H) mm / 36.5kg
Power 100 ~ 240 VAC 50Hz/60Hz 2A