SLA Series

Introduction of Veltz3D product.

SLA Series

SLA 3D printer

Equipped with high performance of solid-state laser and galvanometer scanner
for production in master patterns, concept models, general parts and
functional prototypes in the field of common industrial, automotive,
medical and consumer electronics industries.
Up to 10 times faster printing speed than other 3D printing technologies in a same build area.

MODEL : Veltz-350H/ Veltz-450H/ Veltz-600H

  • Veltz-350H

  • Veltz-450H

  • Veltz-600H

Features of SLA 3D printer

  • 01.Fast printing speed

    It can print up to 400g an hour, much faster than other printing technologies.

  • 02.Easy post-processing

    A dense, thin support structure is easily removed. It also allows you to finish the cleaning in a short time.

  • 03.High economic efficiency

    It is possible to develop a prototype at a price maximum 1/10 of the conventional mockup production cost.

  • 04. Excellent curvature

    Regardless of the unstructured and complex geometry, you can implement exactly the same as your drawings, even a small corner will not be missed.

  • 05.Various printing build sizes

    It can print from precise parts in mm to large parts in 600 mm quickly at once.

  • 06.Quick customer response

    Quick and perfect technical support is available through technology partnership with authorized engineers.

Printing parts

Veltz-350H Specification

Model Veltz-350H
Max. scan speed 8 m/s
Max. printing speed 100 g/h
Min. Laser spot ≤ 0.18 mm
Max. build size 350 mm (W) X 350 mm (D) X 350mm (H)
Precision ± 0.14mm (L≤100mm) or ±0.14% (L>100mm)
Layer thickness 0.07 mm ~ 0.2 mm
Dimensions 1260 mm (W) X 970 mm (D) X 1850 mm (H)
Power 3 kW
Software RPmanager1.0 / RPdata 10.6.1 / Win7
Weight 720 kg
Laser Solid state laser(Aoc/usa)
Scanner SCANcube10, Germany

Veltz-450H & 600H Specification

Model Veltz-450H Veltz-600H
Max. scan speed 10 m/s 10 m/s
Max. printing speed 130 g/h 130 g/h
Min. Laser spot ≤ 0.15 mm ≤ 0.15 mm
Max. build size 450(W) X 450(D) X 350(H)[mm] 600(W) X 600(D) X 400(H)[mm]
Precision ± 0.1mm (L≤100mm) or ±0.1% (L>100mm) ± 0.1mm (L≤100mm) or ±0.1% (L>100mm)
Layer thickness 0.05 mm ~ 0.2 mm 0.05 mm ~ 0.2 mm
Dimensions / Weight 1300 (W) X 1100 (D) X 1900 (H)[mm] 1400 (W) X 1250 (D) X 1940 (H)[mm]
Power 3 kW 3 kW
Software RPmanager1.0 / RPdata 10.6.1 / Win7 RPmanager1.0 / RPdata 10.6.1 / Win7
weight 800 kg 850 kg
Laser AOC solid state laser, USA AOC solid state laser, USA
Scanner HurrSCAN II 10, Germany HurrSCAN II 10, Germany